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Hi guys, 

I think my DPS is lower than i can do, can you help me with my optimization ? Do you think my stats and items are good ? and my spell priority ?

Armory :ýe


- Clean HC + MM Goroth :

- Down MM Harjatan + MM Demonic and try MM Sisters

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your playstyle is good: Uptime of your DoTs and the Voidform.
But your Gear, respectively your stats could be improved (which your have used in MM)

First. Shoulder. mastery and Versatility. Could not be worse. Gearscore (which stands for Intellect) is "useless" in contrast to your secondary stats, especially haste and crit. A shoulder with 925 or 930 and haste/crit should bring equal performance like your 955 Item.
Minor Story with your Neck 

Hands and Feets: Haste/Mastery is ok , good for m+, but Haste/crit is better for raiding i think

Ps: Legendarys; Mangazas Madness optimize your rotation and Sephuz´Secret is always BiS, even on single target without procs 
I ask myself why you used the legy- Shoulders in your heroic run xDD


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Hallo, Dabria here :) 

You should listen to Yelaria is on to something. 
I could only agree that your uptime is rather good, so you have the "skill" in house. But your gear and stats, in general, falls a little behind. 

I can recommend reposting on this thread:


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