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Seeking Professional Help

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With Blizzard's newfound dedication to trying to gut a new spec every week, I find I am now needing help.


I had originally been Aff/Demo with UVLS at the start of the patch, then they screwed that last week, so I went Aff/Destro. Hurray learning Destro. Now, they're screwing with us more. Between playing new specs I'm less accustomed to and them screwing us as often as they're able, my numbers are just feeling really low for me. Now, I was stupid Tuesday and forgot to sac my pet on Galakras so I spent the whole fight with a Voidwalker out, but that aside, the numbers just feel wrong. This extends to Affliction, too. I know there are a few times I've made mistakes in play and missed a snapshot by two tenths of a second, but I still would be appreciative if would mind taking a look at my log from Tuesday and seeing where I can improve.




I use the standard rotations and so forth. GoSac usually when I'm Destro since I usually take that on fights when I'm getting a good amount of Chaos Bolts and Shadowburns. GoSup for Affliction, of course. Usually KJC for every fight (I don't think there's any occasions where I took MF).


Signature links to armory. Same reforge for both specs (I don't swap between fights since we're doing normals and it would just slow down raid).

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Fallen Protectors

-Terrorguard didn't get full Doom Bolts out.  You left 1M damage on the table here.

-UA uptime is 95.3%.  Try to bring this up to 99% since it is the most important DoT now.  It requires the most maintenance and deserves the most attention.

Everything else looks fine.



-Really push for Destro here...it's much stronger in nuking adds and cleaving to adds + boss because of the adds reflecting damage to the boss as well.  This will be more important when you step into Heroic mode.

-same issues as Protectors with UA uptime.


Sha of Pride

-Try not to die.  Dying hurt your DPS capabilities a lot.

-Grim of Sacrifice isn't largely beneficial here, especially in normal mode.  You're neglecting your Imps' Cauterize (may have prevented you from dying) as well as giving you a dispel for yourself.  You had Mark of Arrogance 7 times and took damage for 77 seconds.  Guess what you died to?  Yup, Mark of Arrogance.  Everyone loves GoSac, but people often underestimate the usefulness of a pet and are hasty to get rid of him.  Your damage suffered in the ultimate way...you died.

-Immolate uptime was absolutely terrible.  Again, likely skewed from dying.  In Heroic mode, you won't be AoEing those adds...they hurt too much.  You MIGHT use RoF on them once a tank has aggro to fuel Embers, but you won't be cleaving them like you are in normal mode.

-2 Shadowburns...again, likely because you died before execute, but you should REALLY try to squeeze that in on small adds and especially the Manifestation of Pride.



-why is your average Chaos Bolt some measly 604k?  Your average on Sha was over 800k...bad timing with procs or did you have so many embers you just threw them out wherever?


Iron Juggz

-pretty lackluster opener...you only hit 500k before you started dropping off.  On most other fights, you peak over 700k in the opener.

-perfect DoT uptimes.  all of them are 99.2%.

-Haunt uptime seems low at 51.4%. 


Without looking at the rest, you have a strong grasp on doing DPS, but I disagree with using Grimoire of Sacrifice everywhere.  I've proven in many threads that it is a DPS loss in LOTS of situations.  For example, on Sha of Pride, GoSac helps during Havoc on the Manif of Pride and later in Heroic with the Corrupted Crystal, but GoSac does NOTHING for Fire and Brimstone.  Even as Affliction, I disagree with GoSac.  It's your choice, and the difference is small, but sometimes that difference is the difference between life and death and doing a bit more DPS.  Work on prioritizing UA, improve your Chaos Bolt timing with procs (downfall to PBI), and good luck in Heroics....you're ready for them.

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Every fight? Never take Dark Soul?

As Destruction, absolutely not.  Dark Soul:Instability is a rather lackluster CD for Destruction compared to others...it's really better served as an Ember generator.  For Affliction, it has its places, but the value of moving and casting is pretty high, BUT ONLY if you aren't able to use Fel Flame while moving.  Arch Darkness is a reward for high skill players able to weave FF in while moving, but taking KJC is barely a DPS loss...I'm talking 1-2% tops.  Mannoroth's Fury has very limited applications as Destruction and rarely outweights KJC or AD.


There is a pro in almost every fight to being able to cast Incinerate/MG while moving.  In some fights, there is a bigger pro to taking MF/AD, but it's not often, and the impact isn't that great.

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I meant as Affliction for the Dark Soul vs KJC. Thank you for clarifying your position KJC vs using Fel Flame to move as Affliction. I agree with this version of the KJC/DS argument.


Obviously with 2p Tier increasing MG's effect, KJC becomes more valuable than before, and now that I have it I may try using KJC on some of the fights I used DS previous.

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Thanks Zagam. I'll work on paying more attention to UA.


I may have made the GoSac part unclear: I only use it as destro, always GoSup for Affliction. I'll play with GoSup on Sha. The actual cause of my death on Sha was getting aggro on all of the reflections. We don't usually worry about tanking them, because they normally die very quickly and end up hitting all of the DPS rather than all jumping on me.


With Galakras, I have a lot of embers and use Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn significantly more for it. I don't really use F&B on that fight outside of the initial pack, because I try to focus the priority targets. I also should have had more damage in ticks, but again I was stupid and forgot to sac my pet.


I... don't actually know what happened on Jug. I just rewatched it (recording kills with Fraps), and the only thing I saw out of the usual for my opener was about a 2-second break in Haunt right before getting the SB:SS at 10-stack with all other procs. Could lack of Hero on opener be the difference? We'd saved Hero to help with healing in Phase 2, though we can probably switch back to the start. Last week for our first kill we didn't have all of our own healers, so we had to compensate for pugs. 

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You used Bloodlust for healers?  That's not a good plan...almost ever.  You almost always want to use Bloodlust as a throughput cooldown for DPS.  Healers and your raid should have had a good set up for dealing with P2...it only lasts a minute.  Between personals, raid CDs, and healing, you should have had no issues.  Yes, not using BL at the beginning hurt your opener quite substantially...it's likely worth 300k+ DPS in your opener because of the HUGE amount of additional ticks you snapshot with all buffs live.

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