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Mistress Sassz'ine question

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Maybe you can help me since I keep getting different answers  tonight.  Does anyone know if  on Mistress Sassz'ine  can BoF remove Befouling Ink off the ground?   

I swear I saw that they could but when I dig and ask Pallys I get yes and no.

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What do you mean by remove? Running through them without any shield or buff on you already removes them. The only thing BoF would add (or rather remove) is the slow debuff you'd normally endure. So yes and no is both right. You already remove befouling ink puddles by merely walking through them. BoF makes it more convenient since you don't suffer from the slow on movement speed.

Befouling Ink
200 yd range
Ossunet sprays ink clouds about, sticking to players who enter them. Ink clouds inflict 165000 Shadow damage every 2 sec, reducing movement speed by 25% and can be carried to Sarukel, The Unending Hunger to drive him away.

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Yes that works. Do note that the damage will still apply though. So if you want him to waste his bubble there and grab a few then that's an option. It's also an option to let him BoF someone with a longer lasting defensive or immunity and let them do it instead. 

Short answer: Yes, BoF negates the slowing debuff. But I think I already told this in my previous reply. 

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