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Flurry, ice lance and blizzard

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As the Brain Freeze tooltip says that Flurry cast with Brain Freeze proc applies Winter's Chill, which made my target take damage from my spell as if they were frozen, I would like to ask you if I should have an Ice lance cast after I cast Flurry with Brain Freeze proc, even if I dont have any stack of Fingers of Frost.

thank you all


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thank you, yet I have another question: when I use Frozen Orb on single target (off cd or nearly) should I use 2 global cooldowns to cast 2 istant blizzard on the target? Blizzard DPET is abysimal on single target (still  similar to a frostbolt cast, though), but I would get significant reduction of the cooldown of Frozen Orb, which is my most effective Fingers of Frost generator, so is it worth to cast those Blizzards?

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