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BM Mastery Cap

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Is there a BM mastery cap? I am at 88% mastery right now.  https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/turalyon/likim 

I use a little bit different setup because I am severely disabled so I need a sequencer to help me. So it changes the order of my shots somewhat. I use more  cobra shots to advance the sequencer.

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Cap meaning that anything past that is useless. No, there is not a cap. However, at some point the amount of dps per additional point of master that you get will be small compared to how much dps a little more of either crit or haste will. The best way to tell when mastery is no longer the biggest gain for you is when your statweights start to favor another stat. Crazy example but say you have 110% mastery and 0% haste. From this point if you get 1000 more mastery your dps will go up maybe 5k but if you had 100 more haste your dps will go up 30k. Download the simcraft addon, in game type out  /simc, copy data, go to raidbots.com, click stat weights, paste your data in, see what the results are. You need to do this regularly to ensure that you are aware of what stat will give you the most dps at any given time. Also, if you switch your lvl 60 talent from blink strikes to bestial fury your dps should go up. 

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As Sisco has noted, as your gear changes, stat priorities change too, also drop dire stable for way of the cobra.


Simcraft can be fine; Raidbots is the same if your PC can't handle it. I sub to AskMrRobot because it has a lot of super helpful features.


Try out AskMrRobot's best in bags feature, it found my hunter an extra 100k DPS that I didn't know I had- I was using the belt/chest combo before- as it turns out, the shoulders/chest is best for my gear. AskMrRobot is free to try for a week.


OP, do you use gnome sequencer? It is awesome and I use sequences from lazymacros for every toon, I highly recommend it!

Add me in game if u have more questions, whippwhapp#1415.

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These are my weights....

Mastery 27.34

Crit         25.02

Haste     24.24

Agi          23.57

Vers        21.88


* 1 point of Mastery will increase your DPS by 27.34

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