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Free Marsy Won the Mythic Dungeon Invitational

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The first Mythic Dungeon Invitational is over and Free Marsy have won the competition!

Global Quarter Finals

Eight teams from four regions have made it to the quarter finals. Premonition, Honestly, Free Marsy and Raider.IO advanced to global semi-finals. The other teams won $2,500 USD and got eliminated from the competition.

Here's the final Global Quarter Finals bracket. Don't forget to check out Raider.io for more details.

global quarter finals.JPG

(Source: Raider.io)

Global Quarter Finals VoD

Global Semi & Grand Finals

In semi-finals, Premonition lost to Honestly 1-2 and Free Marsy defeated Raider.IO with a final score 2-1. Both Premonition and Raider.IO won $10,000 USD.

The final showdown (Best of 5 series) between Honestly and Free Marsy was tied until the very end. The Arcway was the deciding dungeon. Honestly had 5 deaths that added 25 seconds to their timer, but overall, they had an edge over Free Marsy up to the last boss.freemarsy.JPG

Honestly finished 2nd and won $20,000 USD, while Free Marsy are global champions and took the $50,000 USD grand prize! Congratulations!

Final MDI bracket:

global finals.JPG

(Source: Raider.io)

Global Finals VoD

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Honestly, just from the clips I've seen, about the shortcuts we've seen and the Feral Druid upset, I want to pay more attention to the next tournament. It's really fun to watch, and kinda hypes me up to play more Mythic+ dungeons myself.

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Unfortunately, the finals of the very first MDI were marred by bugs and some slight unprofessionalism. OK, it was the very first time, it was merely an invitational but you would expect slightly better organisation by a company as big and experienced as Blizzard.

The viewership throughout the MDI was much bigger than any of the Arena events, showing that people are really interested on this and a PVE race is something they have been asking for a while. It's a pity that the first MDI didn't produce a 100% undeniable and legitimate winner.

I've summarised what happened in the spoiler tag:

In Halls of Valor, Free Marsy wipes on the very first pull. They cannot release because one of the two observers got himself into combat with some flying drakes. Given that it is in its beginning, it is decided to restart the whole run. However, Honestly wipes this time, whereas Free Marsy has a clean run.

In Upper Kara, Free Marsy are ahead but they wipe before/at last boss. Again, observer was in combat so they couldn't release. They wait 2 minutes 20 seconds (run back to last boss takes less time) before the observer decides to ress them on the spot, outside the door to the last boss and not where you normally respawn. Like I said, they were ahead already but they had also skipped a couple of mobs on the way to the last boss, which may have cost them time if they had run back.

Some say Free Marsy would have still won, others feel Honesty were cheated. I am not taking sides here, just stating the issues. These were some pretty tight runs, a couple of the dungeon finishes were within seconds of each other. I am just saying that the prestige of the whole event was hurt by this.

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