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Trolls everywhere

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Not sure if anybody here has any pull at Blizzard, but the trolling in ranked play is out of control.  I played about 15-20 games yesterday, and I swear that %75 of my games I had a troll on my team.  Not talking about bad players that make stupid mistakes (that is like %100 of my games).  I am talking about people who run around in circles in the base and never play.  People who say they will support, and then switch their last pick to something else, so that we have no support.  People who literally run into towers the entire game (we had a guy go 1-29 doing that, and we still won).  Sometimes you get trolls when people tilt them, but most of these people are in there for no other reason than to just troll.  They have no plans to try and win going into the game at all.


Why can't blizzard get them off the ladder?  They seem to only care about abusive language, just so they don't get sued for harassment/bullying.  I don't understand why they can't force those people into non-ranked games.


I was in a promo game to Silver 1 a week ago, and I was around 24-12 in HL this season.  Now I am fighting to stay in Silver 3 and my record is around 34-35 in HL thanks to these trolls.  I need to get out of Silver, where the tolls should be less, but it is so hard with the level of trolling that takes place there (even in a non-troll game, it is about %75 likely that you have a total moron on your team that runs in 1v4 the entire game like Rambo).

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First of all - there are no less trolls out of silver. Its even worse sometimes. For example, yesterday I played with couple of guys (different games) that were gold 1 and around 1000 player level. Instead of picking there best char they were picking 1-5 lev chars because ... they were close to leveling -__-' Of course they coudnt do shit and died at least 2x more then others. Result ? All games lost.

Second - How do you suppose Blizzard get rid of such people ? Gimme your idea cause I was thinking about it and I honestly have no clue how to do it without hurting playerbase and company's "name" ;)

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