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(Unholy) finally looted, disappointed, help

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Hey guys, first post for me here.

I'm a casual player just finishing HM and doing some +10 mythics. But with a nice guild aiming for Antorus. ( This DK is now my main but was a reroll, I jumped to Sargeras tumb at 7.3 )

Last night I looted the Thak'theritrix shoulders + my 4th T20 piece.

Since I already had Cold Heart and playing Dark Arbiter, I felt happy, but very surprise of my DPS not increasing, even decreasing.

I was doing 1M2-1M3dps in raid encounters and M+10 boss with T20 2pieces and Cold Heart+Uvanimor

ANd I fall at 850-900k with T20 4pieces and Cold Heart + Thak'theritrix shoulders.

To use the effect of the shoulders, I changed my rotation to use Dark Transformation later ( after army of the dead, dark arbiter and apocalypse ).

I ONCE ( moon sisters encounter ) reached 2Mdps and finished fight at 900K. 

The 1st question : What am I doing wrong here ?

2nd question : I have a lot of trinkets ( 900-920 ) but can't find a good combination. With my current set, what should I aim for ?

Sorry for the bad English, not my born language.

Here's my set : https://worldofwarcraft.com/fr-fr/character/sinstralis/bartolo


TY DK friend's


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At first you should enchant your rings and place a socket in every available slot.

Second thought: You should play with Infected Claws if you are not using CoF. CoF is lining up great with DA.

Also you should also aim for 20 Haste.

In general you should simulate your character using simcraft or raidbots to improve more. If you need further information like "what am I doing wrong", etc. you should definetly link some logs to look it up.

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Shadow Infusion is ok too, not a noticeable difference on dps. Vacivity is correct about haste, if you're close to a haste breakpoint, then you can switch some enchants/items to go over it, otherwise mastery is best. Also, yes, simming is often the best option. 

Tbh, you get best advice and faster also on the dk discord, than here, i suggest you check it out. They have a resources section too, which can help you a lot to knowing better your class. They also keep the guides there constantly up to date, so no worrying if its outdated or not.



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