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Just a friendly FYI- Sorry to be the Grammar Police

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I want to thank you so much, for all your hard work compiling very informative & helpful threads across this site. Your attention to details for all classes is #1-Impressive and #2 I know, appreciated. There are many players, myself included, who have built their character profiles, from helpful information found here. Alas, now the shoe drops! My most humble & sincere apologies for being the grammar police!
With such attention to detail on so many topics, I find it very annoying you don't proof check spelling on standard words like the one I've listed below. I realize that there are words within the WoW community that do not fit into anyone's lexicon except the Blizzard world.
Would you terribly mind not spelling optimize (or any of it's variations....optimizing) with an "S" please? After being so impressed with your WoW knowledge, it makes you lose intellectual credibility. 
Thank you again and keep up the fantastic work! Please take this information, what is only meant to be helpful, to heart.
Respectfully signed~ lost in the WoW world, without you. 
  1. make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource).
    "to optimize viewing conditions, the microscope should be correctly adjusted"
      rearrange or rewrite (data, software, etc.) to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing.

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Thank you for your kind words about our website.

You can actually spell optimize or optimise. Both are correct. Optimize is the widely accepted American English spelling and optimise is the widely accepted British English spelling. You'll find this in a number of other verbs in a similar situation, with analyze/analyse and optimise/optimize being the most common ones on Icy Veins.

Both Vlad and I (the sites' owners) are from Europe, so when we started the site, we strictly used British English spelling (as is taught in schools here), with the exception of keywords from the games. Armor is a good example, since it is spelled armour in British English, but we have always written it Armor (with a capital A, as it appear in the games). We have since relaxed the rules, because we now have writers from all around the world, but things have to be consistent within an article.

Hope this clears things out ;)

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Thank you for your quick reply! 

I did consider my comment and the geographical implications of the site. Your comments do make perfect sense. Simply said, thank you for indulging my OCD! I hesitated sending this as it sounds like I am being overly trivial. 

I do enjoy the Fatboss videos and the direction they share, sending us back here for written details! Perhaps some day, I would have the privilege of slaying a boss or two with you and optimize (wink) our recreation time.

If you must die, die well!

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