[Ravencrest] [A] <Heresy> (8/9 H) "Renegades" seeking DPS/Heals

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Renegades” (8/9HC) is looking for like-minded people to join their ranks for heroic progression in TOS and eventually Antorus. We raid Wed & Sun 20:00 - 23:00.

If you prefer to progress and earn your curve achievements rather than join a team who have already done all the work for you; if you can play your class competently and strive to learn and improve; if you like to raid in a relaxed and friendly environment with no ‘leets or divas – then we are the team you have been looking for!

We try, we laugh, we wipe, we learn, we start again. But we’re getting there…

Ideally you will have already cleared normal difficulty and maybe done a couple of bosses in heroic but if you are prepared to do your research then attitude and commitment is more important than experience. To help with gearing and legendaries we usually do a normal clear each week and M+ runs.

We currently need a healer (ideally rshaman or mmonk) and mainly ranged dps. If you have a heal/tank offspec then all the better!

Contact Barrow (Thormix#6556) or Bellætrix (Ouriana#2986) in-game or poke us on Discord.

If your sights are set higher we have two other raid teams: “Team 1” doing mythic progression and “Hyperion Division” which is a small, tightly-knit team doing fast HC clears and M+.

If any of these teams appeal to you please get in touch. More details are available on the following links:



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Cleared 7/9hc in one night with a very small, melee heavy team. On Sunday we will continue with Fallen Avatar with a couple of extra ranged in tow.

We are looking for a ele shaman, moonkin druid and/or shadow priest now to fill our roster. Heals offspec a distinct advantage!

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Changed title format to fit rules. I'm also closing your other thread and leaving this one open, since you seem to be bumping/maintaining this one.

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