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Mr. Robot is telling me to gem Experise?

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Hello everyone! I've been using the askmrrobot to optimize my gear. However, I've noticed it's telling me to gem using the exp, haste gem. Am I missing something here? Wouldn't int/haste be better? Is there any way to change mr. robot so he won't tell me to gem expertise?



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Expertise hybrid gems in red sockets are better for many casters than Int hybrid gems. The above blog entry explains why in detail.


The short version is that by gemming expertise in red sockets, you can reforge out of hit on your gear into your favorite or second favorite stat. So in the end you'll essentially be trading 80 intellect for 160 haste, crit, or mastery.


Here's an example... By replacing a 80 int / 160 haste gem with a 160 expertise / 160 haste gem:


-80 int

+160 hit


By then reforging 160 hit into 160 crit (or whatever valuable secondary stat):


-80 int

+160 crit


If 160 crit is more valuable than 80 int for you, then congrats, you just increased your DPS!

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For most classes secondary stats with increase your dps more than primary stats.


If you don't want exp gems, try uping the weight of int/spell power in the settings.

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