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Advice about haste and rotation

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According to my stat priorities ( ( Crystal and CoF: CritRating=39.96, Agility=24.79, HasteRating=46.4, Versatility=34.45, MasteryRating=45.09 ) / ( Crystal and Owl: CritRating=39.09, Agility=22.98, HasteRating=50.5, Versatility=33.5, MasteryRating=40.13 ) ) haste is the best stat for now and swapping my gems and chants from mastery to haste (according to raidbots it is slight increase in DPS (about 10k)) will allow me to use Marked > 2x Arcane > 2x Aimed rotation.

So the question is, is there meaning in doing that?

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It depends on how well you manage the rotation with one arcane shot compared to two arcane shots. Honestly, trying it out is probably the best solution, but it's a waste of gold if you don't like the change. Maybe equip a haste relic just to try it out on a dummy.

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