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Exp question

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hey everyone
wasn't sure if this is the right place to ask.
today i played with a friend. we love to exp togather and play step by step togather with zygor guide.

today we started when we both lvl 64
i was ahead of him by like 30%
he's DK and i'm Rogue.
every dungeon we did i got like 50% exp and after some dungeons like 5
i was lvl 69 with 37% and he was lvl 67. somehow i lvled faster then him.

we did same quests, same dungeon quests, we both have heirlooms and in the same guild..
he's quite frustrated to left behind and i don't even know how so

is it because he's a DK? :D

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Did you both have the same amount of rested exp saved?

Were you harvesting herbs and/or ore whilst questing and your friend was not as each harvest does give a lot of exp.

Are the heirlooms you have the same and have they been upgraded to cover your current levels?


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Thanks for helping Darresia!

I had a very similar situation while leveling with a friend, ended up realising I was using the wrong cloth shoulders that weren't upgraded :p

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