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do i have a problem with askmrrobot?

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hello lads.

recently i got a strange output from my "optimizinig attempts" at askmrrobot.

i prefer the haste stile for my resto shammie and after getting a new staff was just trying to jump from 30% buffed haste to 33.29% for one more tick of my HST. i checked the new haste softcap value but...

Suddenly the Robot suggested to drop 10% of the haste and to reforge it in spirit and intellect.... why???

my 10-ppl normal logs. i'm the only resto sham there


my Armory


i'll really appreciate your answer, folks, 'cos i dont understand what to do now - sod the Robot and reforge by myself or do i make a mistake somewhere?

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if you are using the default stat weights, whats happening is that the value of haste to the cap 33.29% cap is less than that of the spirit.


you can force it to go to the haste cap by just making the stat weight higher then spirit by alot


I dont think it is advisable to try to get that next haste breakpoint for HST just because of your gear level, you would lose alot of int and spirit just to get it

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Healing Totem breakpoints are... well, let's just say they're broken and not go into the why. Long story short; more Haste will get you more average ticks but there isn't any hard point where you go from always having X ticks to always having X+1 ticks. For that reason, I'd advise against aiming for a specific totem breakpoint - because they effectively don't exist. More Haste will get you more ticks, but they don't really do the classical breakpoint behaviour.


I just stack Haste anyway. The more the better, so if that's what you'd like then just move that Haste weight up more. ajc291 gave a good reason why it's suggesting you reforge out - I just think you have your weights set up wrong. Here are the weights I use for Resto;


Int - 1

Spellpower - 0.75

Spirit to cap (12k) - 0.75

Haste - 0.7

Crit - 0.45

Mastery - 0.4

Spirit after cap - 0


The basic effect is that it stacks as much Haste for you as is reasonable while maintaining a minimum amount of Spirit (12k for me) and not sacrificing Intellect.


I started this gearing strategy at ilvl 518, you can certainly sustain it with your gear level. Good luck!

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As far as i see, restoshams on heroic progress do reforge more to mastery 'cause of heavy raid damage.

But it's not an issue for normal raids or flexes, because of mastery mechanics. 50-55% that you get automatically with the armor is enough for comfort healing in normal raids. Imho.

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The thing about Mastery is that it's better at low HP levels. Until Hardmodes, the raid HP levels simply aren't low enough to justify the Mastery rating. In addition, the more Mastery you stack the more healing you lose when your raid is at high HP - it scales extremely quickly. It's no small thing. That's why those Shaman not doing Hardmodes don't want to stack Mastery.

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