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I have being playing hunter this whole xpac, but i have bein told by my guildys and x-guildys that im not doing my best. i need some one to talk me over slowly and clamly the rotation. ill be linking some logs and my armory. 

PS. i have all BM legos

Logs, (newest to oldest)









Thanks for the help

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Yeah your dps is a bit low for your item level, but that's compared to the zoo build, which has its item level nerfed from having to use Tier 19. One obvious thing to try is to try to get Tier 19 and switch your gear around to high crit, but that might be too much to do right away.

So, using your build you should still get more dps out of it.

First off you're not using potions or augment runes. That's a pretty big dps loss. Potion of prolonged power gives 2500 agility for a minute. 2 minutes if you prepot. And the rune gives 375 agility I think. You can get an infinite rune if you're exhalted with army of the light.

You also don't seem to be using Killer Cobra properly, as far as I can tell. On Sisters (which is single target) you did more damage from Cobra Shot than Kill Command, which should be impossible. I'm tracking your Bestial Wraths and you're definitely wasting Killer Cobra. For example, you had Bestial Wrath between 1:32 and 1:47. In that time you cast Kill Command 2 times and Cobra Shot 8 times, which is ridiculous. You should've casted 5 or 6 Kill Commands in that time.


Honestly those two reasons are so big smaller details don't matter for now. And there are more details, like how you're wearing 150 gems instead of 200 gems, or how you don't fully optimize your focus (which is not irrelevant, but fixing Killer Cobra is part of it anyway).


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