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Can you help me improve my gameplay, I don't seem to be able to improve my dps anymore. look at the HC logs, my mythic logs was done with insane ms problems >.< I know I should use murder of crows on bosses like goroth and maiden, but what else can I improve?

No, I do not have better legendaries than those two.

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Well the legendaries are a big deal, because those are really really bad, but you're also not wearing the 4-piece Tier. So farming legendaries is a good idea, and get that tier.

As for improvements, I recommend checking wowanalyzer.com it's very useful if you don't know what you're doing wrong.

Here's the report for your mythic goroth. It says you spend too much time focus capped, you're hitting Aimed Shot at the beginning of Patient Sniper instead of the end, you had Piercing Shot specced but you didn't use it, not enough Aimed Shots during Trueshot, and you hit two Aimed Shots outside of Vulnerable.

A lot of that comes down to practicing the rotation so you use Patient Sniper and AImed Shot correctly, but overcapping focus and not using your skills are big issues you just need to pay attention to.

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