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Game won't work

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It just shows a black screen and nothing happens. Started happening yesterday and the problem isn't in my computer, since the game doesn't work even on my second computer (yes, I have two computers, sue me.) Anyone have the same problem?

Nevermind, problem fixed.

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You're welcome.

If it doesn't work re-install it might, its pain in the ass I know but it might work. 
You can try upload some screenshot so we can get a visual, might help us see it better.
Last option, you can upload the same screenshots to a ticket or live chat with Blizzard support.

Hope it works, crossing my fingers for you and you are more than welcome to contact us here or me via PM. Happy Christmas. 

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Hehe, you very much welcome.

Should there be a further issue or do you have another question feel free to submit it to this thread or via PM. 

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