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At What Point Does Mastery Outweigh Intellect??

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Hey all


so I have been SimC all day, and im curious about a already known fact, its to my understanding that at a certain point Mastery is more valuable than straight Intellect, and that the general rule of thumb is to socket big boy mastery gems over hybrid (intell  and mastery) unless you get a socket bonus of intell


well my question is is ther anypoint where mastery just overtakes the intellect?

meaning dropping all my hybrid gems for straight mastery gems. would that be a DPS loss or gain...I would gain almost 10%mastery but lose about 900 intell...now I know the obvious answer is , My god man that's a awful trade, however Simc says its a slight DPS gain..just wondering if its practical, or if its a Simc thing






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Red sockets = Int/Mastery

Yellow sockets = Mastery

Blue sockets = Hit/Mastery


The answer to your question is never.  The only reason Mastery gems are preferred is because secondary stat gems offer twice as much stats as primary stats (320 Mastery vs 160 Intellect).  Mastery's stat weight is over half of Intellect's, so it makes mathematical sense to use those gems.  Mastery, however, will not ever be more powerful than Intellect on a point by point basis.

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