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Mythic Fury Warrior Need some Help

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Hey all mythic raider here and I'm hoping I can get some help on my warrior logs. I don't seem like i'm doing as much damage as I should be. I feel like i'm doing the rotation like icy-veins and Kelade guide say to do. Any help would be so much appreciated.


I have a 929ilvl since i'm rocking a low CoF. I could have a higher ilvl but it would put my crit in the mid 30's and my sims go down....

Thanks in advance.

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Mods will handle analysis, but I put links into your post since it was in a really weird format before, couldn't read anything.

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Hello Erthelmi,

The dps in mythic encounters does not always reflect your skills, as some boss mechanics like Goroth soaks are very important but your dps will drop. So I will not analyze the logs in the way that I check your rankings. Moreover I will try to give you some advice on your rotations and talent/leg choice.

Edit*: Basically regarding your gear you should exchange some crit to Mastery. You have a very low Mastery rating.


It seems that you often miss the FB proc. The easiest way to manage this is to install the Addon WeakAuras. This will let you define a visual on your screen which tracks the uptime of FB. This means as soon as FB proccs the next thing to do is pressing RP. While your BC is active sometimes you have to make a choice between pressing RP or BT. It's not recommended to use RP without the FB proc only to get 2 stacks of the T20 4-piece.

The Moonglaive trinket has to be pulled 1 second before you press BC. Keep that in mind, this counts also for execute phase.

While the execute phase you don't use RP after BC. You use BT to get enraged and press Execute meaning:


Demonic Inquisition:

Sometimes you press 2x FS. Thats never good. FS is your worst hitting ability and should be only used if nothing else is available.

Nothing else to improve besides of already mentioned Moonglaive usage.


Talents of Choice should be: Warmachine and Wrecking Ball

Legendary: Helm + WW-Belt

You should not pull BC until the add's spawn. Hold it until the murloc's come in and then WW the shit ouf of them. Rotation:


After the adds you hold again your BC and OF until the next murloc's spawn. And yes you still use CoF.

Besides you used Avatar without BC which you should avoid at all times.

Sisters of the Moon:

You should really watch the FB uptime. It's killing your dps. I use the Talent Ring for this encounter because of the extended execute phase but that's kind of as you want.

Desolate Host

If you have the legendary Belt you should use it here. Due to the massive add amount it's hard to analyze something here. Just try to hit as many adds with the glaives and OF.


If you have specific questions just ask

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First off, thank you, Milka, for taking the time to look at his logs. I have personally been tied up in so many things lately, I'm able to sit down this morning (6:30 AM my time) and finally address this thread.



I cannot really add too much more to what Milka has already pointed out. The easiest fights to analyze performance issues are the single target encounters and, as such I've looked over your Goroth encounter.

In the first 15 seconds the two things that stick out to me are:

  • You're really close on the 1 GCD delay of your Umbral Moonglaives. The final burst from the trinket did not benefit from your Battle Cry. This was also true for the 2nd and 3rd cast of your trinket as well later on in the fight.
  • You double cast Furious Slash. This should never happen, ideally. A lot of reasons as to why it would happen but, ultimately, just keep in mind that there's never a situation to double cast it. After the first cast you will always have something more beneficial to use. Past the first 15 seconds, you did this two more times back to back (once at the 18 second mark and again at the 24.5 second mark) but, thankfully, never again throughout the entire encounter.

I took a look at your resource management. Leading up until the Execute phase, there was 3 times you dumped your rage before gaining your Frothing Berserker buff. As Milka suggested, there's ways to track this to ensure you don't miss the buff.

Considering you're pulling Mythic content, I also noticed you didn't have an augment rune or a flask. While these two things, individually, may not seem like much I tell my raiders the same thing: every point counts. You did have the proper food buff and used two potions so you have that going for you. :)

Despite the above, you still parsed 81% of your bracket (out of 320 logs in the past two weeks). It's not a horrible parse and your performance, given the chosen spec, isn't all that bad. There's just a few things you need to clean up and give a bit more attention to and your numbers will naturally come up.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

As a final thought, you can imagine that when it comes to multiple targets and different encounter mechanics, some talents and builds will be more viable than the straight-forward single target encounter. Milka, again, has given you some solid advice on how to go about these encounters.

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