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BlizzPlanet's BlizzCon Dev Interview with Jeremy Feasel

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Danny from BlizzPlanet interviewed Senior Game Designer Jeremy "Muffinus" Feasel at BlizzCon.

  • Muffinus worked heavily on the Islands feature, World Quests and Battle pets.
  • Islands are a new type of repeatable content in BfA. Everything is randomly generated (ranging from mobs up to rewards) and Blizzard uses a new Advanced AI.
  • In BfA we are going to see stories tied to Anduin, Jaina, Sylvanas, Thrall and Vol'jin.
  • Illidan's fate will be revealed after Argus has been defeated. The final cinematic is epic and not only is it going to answer all your questions, it will bring up even more of them.
  • Bwonsamdi (the Loa of Death) plas a huge role in Nazmir (Zandalar). The Blood Trolls are serving a powerful creature that we'll meet in the first raid of the expansion.
  • There is a facility in Nazmir, where the Titans experimented on an Old God. They ended up creating something really bad - the new Blood God. The facility only has one of the three seals on it. During the expansion, you're going to find out what happens to the last seal.
  • The Drust people of Drustvar exist as spirits that live in a dead realm, trying to work their way back into our world.
  • They still have not nailed down rewards for Islands or Warfronts. The team learned from World Quests, Mythic+ and they do not want rewards to be locked behind specific content.
  • Islands will be one of the greatest sources of Azerite.
  • Stormgarde was the only Warfront previewed at BlizzCon and the team wants to make it an epic experience.
  • In one Warfront you might have a vendor show up that is selling boat sights that provide powerful consumables. On another Warfront you might see Jaina.
  • Blizzard's ready to implement more Allied races in the future and they'd like to hear the community's opinions regarding potential races.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves have beards and hairstyles that have embers flying off them.
  • Unlocking an Allied race is account-wide.
  • Race change won't get you Heritage Armor and zone scaling should improve the overall leveling experience.
  • While the requirements to unlock Allied races are still TBA, you can start working on Highmountain Tauren right away. (It seems you'll need Ain't No Mountain High EnoughAin't No Mountain High Enough and some reputation with the faction).
  • Heritage Armor is usable by any different armor wearer, because it's Cosmetic armor.
  • Heart of Azeroth solves problems with the Artifact system.

(Source // Full Transcript)

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So BrokenShore-Argus was not well received and other than invasion points being good for quick AP (besides that boring as fuck) they gonna make that as the main part of the new addon? Seems exciting.


Kappa (im not from twitch, but i think thats like [irony] thingy back then.

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