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Hey everyone, Im starting to play Wow again after quite a few years off.  I was going through the UH rotation for single targets and it seems harder than I remember or maybe I was never playing right.  So my question is and putting this in laymans terms....

So step 4 says to cast FS so that FW debuffs up to 8 stacks on target, but recommends not use when there is 5 or more stacks.  Then cast Apocalypse when 6 stacks of FW are available. 

First question is...generally how many stacks of FW should I put on the target?  Second question is that Apocalypse and SS says they burst a FW...that means bursting one stack correct? 

Step 6 says to use SS or CS if I have a +3 FW on target...which I wouldnt because Apocalypse would wipe them in turn it says to use FS again....question many FS should I apply after using Apoc and should I then use SS or CS after stacking FW again or move onto step 7?  I know this is confusing...but just trying to figure all of this out...would really like to get this down and enjoy playing the game again.  Thanks

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The rotation is simple really. After a quick check, it seems to me you should be most of the time at 4/5 stacks, going up and down with FS and SS.

When apoc is almost up or already up, try to get to 6 stacks as fast as possible (so dont use SS), to pop it at maximum efficiency.


PS : imo, the overuse of abbreviations that all look the same (CS, SS, FS) makes you question really hard to read.

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