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BM hunter lf some Tipps

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The real Hunters will be here soon, I'm sure, but one question from me - why do you have so few Kill Command casts? Comparing you to someone on a shorter kill (7:56) and they have 30 more casts. Seems like you're missing out on a lot of casts/DPS there.

Also, only 6 AMOC on an 8+ minute fight.

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To Blainie's point, he's talking about wipe logs on Mistress Sassz'ine. And the obvious reason why you have low amount of Kill Commands is because you're spending all your focus on Multi-Shot. That fight varies wildly with guild composition, but in general you shouldn't cleave so much. BM loses a lot of single-target dps when cleaving and killing the adds too fast can be an issue in that fight anyway. On the flip side, you should probably use Volley instead of Crows, since it's a more efficient cleave than Beast Cleave.

However, it's generally a bad idea to look at wipe logs to test performance. Or any fight where you die and end up having a low uptime.

Now, on a fight like Sisters you seem to do so-so. wowanalyzer.com says your main problem is too much downtime, so if you look at resources - focus you can see that you're capping focus too much. In a perfect pull your focus should never be full, you need to be casting more.

Other than that the only thing is you're using a subpar build. You're using Dire Frenzy with One with the Pack, when Dire Frenzy has a bad synergy with One with the Pack so you should be using Bestial Fury. Dire Stable is weaker than Way of the Cobra on single target, and it can make you overcap focus when used with Dire Frenzy which makes it doubly worse. You have 39% Crit and 16% Haste, but the DIre Frenzy build works better with Haste and Mastery than Crit. The zoo build is the one that uses Crit, but you're not wearing Tier 19. So you're never going to get top parses with that build.

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On 12/11/2017 at 6:34 PM, Asajun said:


Would be nice to get some tipps :)

It is great you are looking to improve but you are taking a very inefficient approach to things.

You are late to the game in asking for help. The Tier is almost over. Every improvement you might make, any adjustments you might do can potentiality be garbage at this point. 14 days until a whole new ball game.   They might increase your dps now but decrease it in two weeks. And by the looks of things yar slow at adjusting. 

Again it is great your looking to improve but look ahead to the next tier at this point.   And the only thing we know at this point is collect everything...do no de or sell anything.   Keep a eye on on forums this websites guides for updates in the coming weeks. 

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