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i got pretty lucky with the bonus rolls - having 3 trinkets now:


Prismatic Prison of Pride

Thok's Acid-Grooved Tooth

Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia


i see a lot bis list with Thok + Nazgrim Trinket. On PTR times everyone was recommending the Prismatic one with its 7% stat increase.

i am not sure which ones to upgrade first - and wanted to know what you think about being the best choices. i am raiding 10man - going crit build.

my plan would be to go for Prismatic + Thoks - because the cleave seems to be really nice - but i dont know how big the range ("nearby targets") is. So what i thought about was to use Thoks for fights where the raid is more stacked...and to use the nazgrim trinket for fights where everyone needs to spread out a bit. so i would keep the prismatic equipped all the time - making it my upgrade choice n1...but like i said before its not listed in many bis list!?


i am quite confused, please let me know what u think about the trinkets and upgrade/equip prio



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For 10 man I would say go for Prismatic + Nazgrim for general fights and Prismatic + Thoks for stacked up fights.


Thoks won't do well if you're very spread out so its not really that worth it, while Nazgrim will proc fairly often from your HoT's / Uplifts. (especially since you can uplift 60% of the raid all fight. >.>)


Thoks will shine when it can reach many people.  


IMO, try to get a heroic Horridon trinket (from last tier) the mana from that is still pretty amazing on progression on top of it having passive intellect.  The only other mana trinket would be from Siegecrafter Blackfuse, which is somewhat decent for monks.

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got a thunderforged normal version of the horridon trinket,

but i guess its not worth using it instead of a 553 one?

if i could get the heroic one what would be your choice to replace it for? going with the prismatic and hc horridon?

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Use Prismatic for sure for all fights.


Use Horridons (higher ilvl the better) on any progression fight you need mana on.  Use Nazgrim otherwise


Use Thok for stacked fights, or horridon if you need mana.

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