Natalya / Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter

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This thread is for comments about our Natalya/Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter build guide.

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5 hours ago, Guest Question said:

Is this build better than a pure Marauder rocket-based Cluster Arrow build?

For now, it seems so, yeah. It's a bit easier to survive with, but we might see an M6 clear higher in the future.

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I have found recently that a pure speed build through the marauders is possible through a combination of Danetta's Hatred combined with Marauders, and the Legacy of Nightmares. Grant it this in turns makes the build little bit more difficult to build for but its end results become infinitely more tangible for endgame progression combined with the gems Gogok of Swiftness, Bane of the Powerful, and Bane of the Stricken. To replace the Compass Rose use a Hellfire Amulet with a passive Steady Aim to make room for Night Stalker, Archery, or Thrill of the Hunt depending on your overall style. Replace cluster arrow with Multi-Shot passive Arsenal to improve your overall Rocket Damage and finish with Kanias cube: Weapon slot go with Dead Mans Legacy Armor: King Leorics Crown and Utility: the Elusive Ring  to improve the effectiveness of multi shot. Please Note that this build is designed for speed while maximizing damage without going for five turrets and maximizing your use of Vault as a Hatred Spender vs a Discipline Spender. My current rate as this is GR 62 but time is narrowed to a 13 minute due to lack of overall Damage. The opposite side for more effective damage and use of turrets would Equip the Bombardiers Ruck sack and your Hand Bow would Be Dawn because I prefer a Vengenance Build for true Damage output but you would lack the speed of the prior because you no longer spend Hatred for Vault. I have not tested this version so maximum rift is unknown

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I'm trying to farm to collect the gear to build this. I'm using the Cold Skills that is the reason behind this build.

Rather than Vault - Tumble I prefer Smoke Screen - Displacement.

I have the quiver Holy Point Shot which makes impale two additional knives.

In the Kanai's Cube Weapon slot I have Karlei's Point which increases damage of impale by 375% and returns 15 hatred if enemy is already impaled. As per the build I have Frostburn & Ring of Royal Grandeur in the other two slots.

I replaced the Cluster Arrow right mouse button with Impale Overpenetration which is cold damage.

I'm using the bow Windforce which has 45.7% chance of knockback and the Bracers Strongarm which causes knockback to give 29% extra damage for 6 seconds.



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