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Hello there! i need help with my dps, im doing about 800-900 dps , and i should be doing at least 1m. can someone tell me what am i doing wrong? or give me some tips about rotation , talents, gear or stats?

my gear : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/calígula


Thanks in advance!!

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Without seeing any logs and just by looking at your armoury I can tell 3 main reasons why your dps is low.

1-) No set bonus. Set bonus makes a big difference for boomies.

2-) Sub-par trinkets. Try to get better ones.

3-)Sub-par legendaries. One of them is a defensive legendary (chest) and the other one (soul) is good only for aoe.

You also have a lot of crit, converting some of it to haste or mastery might boost your dps a little but its hard to tell without simming.

I am assuming you change your lvl 100 talent to balance of power on single target.

Without set bonus, good legendaries and good trinkets 900k dps isnt low for your gear I would say.

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