[Stormreaver][H]Tequila Sundown of <Karma Horde> Mythic in a community guild Tu/Th 8:45pmPT

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Who We Are
Tequila Sundown is a mythic raid team formed within the <Karma Horde> guild on US-Stormreaver. Lead by a husband/wife team with high-level raiding experience dating back to WotLK, we're a "positively determined" progression team that maintains a light-hearted atmosphere while tackling mythic difficulty content. We're mature adults with jobs and family seeking like-minded players who have a passion for the game but want to avoid the needless angst or drama that often gets associated with progression raiding. We log on to have fun - so come have some fun with us!

A Team Within a Community
Our raid team is one of three within the larger guild of <Karma Horde>, which was formed back during WotLK. As such, the guild and Discord are very active and social. There are always people around online and in-game. The community atmosphere is welcoming and friendly to players of all levels. The guild enforces a Code of Conduct that has zero tolerance for hate/offensive speech.

We are always looking to add players with a friendly personality and lots of passion for the game. We want players who are going to log in on non-raid nights and be down for all the other things we're into: pushing mythic+, doing world quests, PVP shenanigans, achievement hunting, hyper-competitive fishing.. there's so much to do and so many ways to enjoy the game. This is our favorite hobby and we'd like to play with you if it is yours, too.

Progression Goals
We are 6/11 Mythic, Heroic AOTC.
We strive for a fun environment that takes the challenges of mythic seriously and giving the content the respect it deserves. Our aim is, as all mythic teams, full clear of content but with always keeping the friendly spirit of camaraderie alive. Performance matters, but so does staying positive and finding the fun in the difficulty of a raid. We do not require mythic raid experience to join our team but we do expect mythic-level dedication and accountability from all of our raiders. You must be able to take constructive criticism and have ownership over your level of play, and be willing to put in the effort to be a contribution to the team.

Raid Days/Times
Our mandatory raids are:
Tuesdays 8:45pm PT - 11:45pm PT
Thursdays 8:45pm PT - 11:45pm PT
Sundays 8:45pm PT - 11:45pm PT
Sundays are for farming the previous raid difficulty.

Recruitment Needs
Healer: We will consider adding an experienced Holy Paladin.
DPS: We are looking for DPS with the gear/experience to contribute immediately. Will consider all specs. Bonus points for good healing offspec. 

The Nitty Gritty
If you're intrigued, please check out our wiki on the <Karma Horde> subreddit. This will give you a deeper dive into the raid team:

Contact Us
You can reach us on bnet: joat#1832 & lambkill#1856
or Discord: joat#1832 & saever#4432

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