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I am a clicker have been for years.  Rolled a Fire Mage which is currently at 110 ilvl 902 and looking to get better.  I want to learn keybinding but can't decide which are the most important spells and which keys to bind them to.  So I am asking what spells do you have keybound to what key as a fire mage?  I have a G105 keyboard and a G500s Mouse if that helps.  I did a search for keybinds and didn't find what I was looking for.  If you can point me to the newest of noobs section I would appreciate it if that is here or youtube etc..  Looking at the fire mage section it seems that the following are important or most used:



Phoenix,s Flames



Rune of Power



Ice Block


I would appreciate any help you can give me.

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10 hours ago, BarcodeRon said:

I would appreciate any help you can give me.

I think you need to look at this way. You don't want to be straining to use a button you need to spam, or that you need quickly. I use 1-4 for my basic rotation, with 5 being a rotational button that has a longer cooldown. Q and E are used for buttons that are vital to either my rotation or my survival, so Shimmer is on E. Shift+Q is always my interrupt, no matter the class. It's easy to reach, but I'll never press it by mistake. I use R, F, G, T for general abilities and fill all slots with Shift + Button for abilities that don't need to be hit in an emergency. Shift + T is always my mount.

Find what works for you by testing it, spam Fireball on different buttons for 20-30 casts and see if it hurts you. If it does, change the button and try again. If you're spamming Shift + Ctrl + Z for Fireball, then something's wrong!

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I use 1 to 4 for my basic rotation, 5 for situational and shift+1 to 5 for my long cooldowns. I also have a key on my mouse i use for situational spells, like interrupts or mobility ones. I use QWE and ASD to move.

So for fire mage i would use it this way: 1 for fireball, 2 for fireblast, 3 for pyroblast, combustion on shift+1, phoenix on shift+2, rune of power on shift+3, ice block on shift+4 and on 4 and 5 i would be switching between counterspell, shimmer and an aoe ability depending on the situation. If you have special keys on your mouse i would put the switch target and something that you don't need too much but you need to do as fast as possible, like an interrupt or a blink.

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