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Site crashes constantly in chrome

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Why does this site constantly crash in chrome?  Are you doing something nefarious in java script?

It's actually looking like a session timeout or something.  I have it open in a second monitor.  So i'm not sure if your using like redis and some fancy ajax for adds or what..but it appears to be like a timeout issue.  


Will post my exception etc.

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So  I tried loading one of the default wow class overview pages.

In five minutes I logged 16K connections and 20mb of data downloaded.  And it never stops with your add rotaters.

Is that normal for your site?

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Thank you for your feedback. I can't offer an explanation as to why the site crashes in your Chrome. I've identified a few issues (see below), but nothing that should ever come close to crashing your browser.

I connected to the site using Chrome on Windows and a proxy in Texas, to best mimic your setup. Depending on your location, ads stop refreshing after up to 10 minutes (at which point I had 4k requests and 18.2mb of data downloaded). The number of requests is normally not an issue because these are extremely small requests of less than 300 bytes (the technology that makes these requests is called header bidding, if you're interested). I don't know why you had so many requests though.

Regarding the data downloaded, there seems to be a Star Wars Battlefront campaign running right now in the US and the creatives are quite big, including some .mp4 files that seems to load and play automatically (these ones don't even have a play or stop button). There seems to be a cap on it, because subsequent reloads of the page did not include them. In any case, auto-play ads should never happen on our website, so I've contacted our ad agency about it, asking them to remove them.


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