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Spirit and Crit Thresholds Mistweaver

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Now that 5.4 has been out for a month, I have gotten to play my Mistweaver a bit more.


I have run into some mana issue, but I read on the forums last night to remove the mana tea glyph and I have, I just haven't tried it in LFR or Flex since last night.


I had a couple of questions too, now I know based on previous conversations that Mistweavers stack crit.  How much crit should we consider stacking before moving to the next hast break point. I'm at the 6141 break point now and have 41% crit with 27% haste. The next break point is 9158 it looks like. 


Here is my current profile.




Secondly AMR shows Mistweavers as Spirit > Haste (16.65%) > Crit = Mastery > Haste


When I go that way it focuses tons more on spirit. I have been following your guides here as they have been really helpful as well as the community. 


Just looking for a few tips from the stated above. Thanks











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I'd say if you can stay above 30-35% crit when moving to haste, you can move up haste breakpoints, though its not to say that 40% crit is bad either. 

As I said in a previous post, the best thing you get out of haste is faster SCK, more rem ticks and more DPS.




with this profile you can reach the next one with 8 haste gems and still have 35% crit.


IMO, its not worth gemming that much haste. with a couple of haste pieces you should be able to reach it and still maintain 40% crit through gems.

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