Assass Rogue, still not peeking.

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Hello everyone im a newbie to the Icy Veins forums although I have used you guides for alts on a number of occasions.


My main Dippa-Emerald Dream EU


has been my main since Cataclysm, but recently with the mixed reviews of stat priority I seem to be falling further and further behind in the new raid, despite picking up several new pieces of gear and the T16 2 Set.


As you can see from armoury, Ive stuck with the mastery > haste stat priority even though everywhere tells me to go critical strike.


My Single target DPS for fights like Iron Juggernaut is where i expect it to be, but on fights like Galakras with adds and movements I fall someway short of where I expect myself to be.


I had been using the rupture a couple of targets to get energy flowing, then fan of knives, then envenoming principle in throne of thunder, but that doesn't seem to give you dps in the new raid.






I know my guildies are experienced skilled players, so being a lil below is expected and acceptable to a degree.


I also have the bad Juju and Blood Talisman trinkets to swap in and out


Was just wondering if there any new methods to generating AoE damage for assassination rogues people have come across, is there a different stat priority to give you the numbers, in add fights over single target, or am i simply meeting my expectations of my class at this ilevel.


Cheers in advance for your help


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