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mage and rogue

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hello guys i am  new and trying to decide my main character :) i am between rogue and mage how are they performing dps and pvp wise? mainly i am thinking to go for pve ofc :P wich1 is easier to go and maiby better ?and maiby some more advice i would be really thankful what would help me decide :)i am ok both mellee or caster.


i know it takes time to learn both to be good :) just tought i ask more info from more experienced players :)

apologize my english.

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I would say that mages are easier to play better, but it all depends on how you like the playstyle. I have a fondness for casters, and I've been playing a mage as my main for a long time. I would advise playing both for awhile, get a feel for them, and decide which one to finish leveling from there.

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Guest WeeWilly

honestly, why worry about what's a "main" and "not a main, an Alt".  Make them both and play them - see the differences and then make your decision. 


Have you thought of a hunter or even a shammy?


I treat all of my characters (toons) as mains and gear each one up and play each one.  Right now, I am playing a mage, and she made lvl 53 last night. I also played one of my 90's for an hour or so. When I get tired of playing a hunter (I have 3), I go rogue for a bit (I have 2), then back to the mage, then as a druid (1 of those).   


Good luck in figuring out the class you like (I have at least 1 of each though on different servers)


Take care,

Wee Willy the begone


PS - as far as your English, don't worry, it's ok.  :D

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