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So basically I just have a question about this, I read that it should be used for damage, but sometimes I find it hard to do that when you are close to your target, so what I generally do is heroic leap away and charge back with Glyph of Bull rush on to generate large amounts of rage, will this lower my damage because of less uptime on the boss, or will the increased rage boost it up to make up for it. I'm arms currently btw. 

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The way you're doing it will barely give you a dps gain, if any. I wouldn't bother using it so such a small gain.


Basically there are 3 ways you can use Heroic Leap:


First, for movement. If a fight calls for quick movement or you have to get out of a certain area quicker than you can walk, use heroic leap.


Second, for AoE damage. If you have multiple ennemies it's worth it to Heroic Leap right in the middle of them for damage.


Third, for single target damage. That one is the trickiest to use, therefore don't use it if you're not comfortable doing it as you'll lose more DPS trying to do this correctly than you'll gain by doing it incorrectly. What you want to do is (when the ennemy has Colossus Smash on them) Heroic Leap from one side of the hitbox to the other, while maintaining your rotation. It's tricky to do but with a bit of practice it becomes natural.


If you're not comfortable doing any of these 3 things, I'd rather simply not use Heroic Leap at all and focus on your normal rotation.


Hope this helps,



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