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Which Class should I make?

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Hello Peeps. I've been deciding which class I should roll next. I'm more of an Altoholic than Hardcore raider, Farthest I've seen is the stupid Pandaren treasures on Flex.

I have a Warlock, Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight, and Hunter. I rather enjoy pet classes, but I've kinda played them all. I've been considering a Frost mage, because I love Ice based abilities, and there's a pet, and the Mastery looks badass. But Rogues have always kinda appealed to me, Well, the pve aspect, the whole I'm a little bitch I need to Stun lock you to kill you in Pvp never appealed to me. But I've been thinking a mistwalker monk could be fun *_* I have no fucking idea what to make. I will be leveling with a friend, if that helps with what I should pick, Lol Or maybe another Shadow Priest, but they're not doing very well are they?

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