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Hello, and welcome to my forum post (: 

My name is Kakoraff and i've been playing World of Warcraft since about the middle of Burning Crusade. All I did during BC was level and good around (as I was about 12 years old I believe?) I started raiding in Wotlk and have been raiding on and off ever since then. I'll list all my raiding experience, that I can remember, to the best of my ability here. 

Wotlk - 
OS - Full Clear 10+25 and 3 Drakes
EoE- Full Clear 10+25
Naxx- Full Clear 10+25
Ulduar- Full Clear normal modes 10 and about half of the hard modes. 
Totc + Togc - Full clear 10man (Except anub on togc, stupid boss)
ICC 10man Heroic - Full cleared (Eventually, took me a good while to kill lich king on heroic)

BwD- Full clear 10M Heroic
Tot4w- Cleared Normal and did 1st boss heroic, never did kill Ala'Kir on heroic.
BoT - Cleared Normal and first 3 on Heroic (Got stuck on Cho'gall, stupid double headed bastard)
FL - Full clear normal and 4/7 Heroic (Guild broke up on Alysrazor)
I actually took a good decent break here and came back a few months before the end of the expansion and was able to clear 8/8Heroic 10m DS. 

MoP - 
HoF - Full clear 10m Normal+Heroic
Mogu Vaults - Full clear 10m Normal+Heroic
Terrace - Full clear normal, 3/4 Heroic. Why can't I kill end bosses?
Before ToT came out I took another decent break and skipped the entire tier, came back a couple months after SoO's release which I full cleared on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. 

WoD - 
Full clear Highmaul on normal and heroic and I believe 3/7 on mythic? 
At this point I was on a mage and remember getting REALLY bored of it so again I quit raiding for a good while. I came back for a little bit while BrF was current and a friends guild asked me to come kill Heroic Blackhand so I did do that one boss. 
HFC - Full clear Normal/Heroic and 5/13 on Mythic. 

Current Legion Expansion - 
I wasn't too active during the beginning of the expansion, playing on and off, but I was able to full clear normal/heroic EN. Never tried mythic due to me not being in a guild. That's all I've really done this expansion so far but I did kill H Gul'dan with a friends guild a good 5-6 months ago and last week I pugged a full 9/9Heroic clear for ToS. 

My current work schedule is Wednesday - Friday 2-10 PM and Saturday/Sunday 6 AM-2 PM Eastern Time. I can pretty much do any raid schedule that works around that due to it really being my only time obligation(other than my gf but I mean video games > social life right?) 

I am currently a resto druid and would LOVE to stay resto but I am around the same Ilvl (a few below in balance and guardian) in all 4 specs and would be willing to switch if 100% need be. 

I am willing to server transfer for a good offer, or faction change but it'd need to be a REALLY good offer as most of my friends are horde. 

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/turalyon/kakoraff This is my armory link. 

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/FHkV3fdy7P4KptGx/ Here is some logs from 1 night of my pugging last week. Please be kind when reading them as it was my first time seeing any of those boss fights (Like, at all, I hadn't done LFR or anything cuz !@#$ that) 

Kakomazing#1530 is my Btag if anyone wants to talk <3 Hope to hear from you. 

Also if you wanna show you're not just Copy Pasta, type PICKLE RICK at the end of your post. :D Cheers everyone.

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