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Hi there,

I just started raiding as a frost mage in Antorus, with no prior raiding experience this expansion on a mage. Any comments or pointers on my playstyle would be much appreciated. Thank you.



I am using the rotation suggested by Icy Veins (trying to, at least), and what I feel I might be doing wrong is to cast Ice Lance while moving during a raid mechanic even without a Fingers of Frost charge (is this a DPS loss?). 

Once again, grateful for any comments. Thank you.



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So, looking at Imonar first:

  • Wasted 2 possible casts of Ebonbolt, mainly due to delaying too long with it. Missing 1 due to the location swap is understandable, but missing 2 is a misplay here.
  • You didn't use the Brain Freeze procs enough that did pop up. You wasted 6 procs, writing over them with a second one.
  • You aren't shattering your Flurry enough. Make sure to Frostbolt as you send your Flurry to shatter with it, followed by an IL.


  • Your Ebonbolt cast amount was awful here. You used 1 Ebonbolt in a 5+ minute fight. 
  • Used the wrong talent on 90 here, need to use Blizzard talent.
  • You need to cast Blizzard far more with the talent on this fight. It's a massive DPS increase.
  • You barely used Frozen Orb, only 3 casts instead of 7+.
  • Need to learn to predict where to AoE. Your activity level (most of your raid too) is way too low. If you want a higher parse %, you need better AoE usage here.

I'd keep going through the fights, but the points are all pretty much the same as the ones above. 

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