I'm new and need help with dungeons on pvp

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Well I'm level 68, so not very new, but that's cause of triple exp, anyway.

In dungeons and pop I find it really hard to click on the enemy monsters or people because people always block them with their bodies. Is there any add ons I can use to fix this?

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There are a few ways that may sound really basic but being new I'm not sure if you are aware.


The first one involves "nameplates".  They show the health of each enemy above their heads which are clickable.  The default is just press "v" to toggle them on and off.


The other way to change target is by using your "tab" key.  Tab targeting allows you to "scroll" through the enemies by clicking tab each time to change to a different target.


There are various addons that can help but at a basic level this should help you initially.  


Hope that helps, and if anyone has anything else I can't think of then feel free to add some info!

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if its any more help the 't' will always target your closest enemy (if its in 40yd range or less).

tab is cycling through enemies in range.

I (being a tank) usually use t to target the first best one.

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Since you did ask about addons I would like to say that one of the more popular ones is called "Tidyplates." Its quite nice and customizeable and has different settings for if you are a DPS or a Tank.  This may be more than what you are looking for, but for me when I found out about this it made clicking/tabbing and knowing which individual mob I was targeting much better.


Happy Hunting!

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You can tell I'm mainly a healer Royals! Totally forgot Tidyplates!


Heh :p  I remember when I first started playing wow oh-so-many years ago.  I was a female nelf because they were skinny and harder to click on in bgs hahah

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