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How much mastery is fine for BM monk to tank 10M?

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You're the only one that can answer this question.


Are you dying too much? If yes, you can invest in some more Stam & Mastery.


Is your survivability OK but your group having trouble with DPS/Enrages? Then get some crit.


If you're already survivable enough and your group already has enough DPS then just go and do whatever you prefer. I personally gear my monk for max crit once I'm survivable enough because I'm a DPS at heart and I like doing lots of damage, but some other might prefer to have more of a cushion in case they make mistakes.


In the end, it's up to you to decide how you want to gear.

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Pretty much what ragebarr said.


Just a thought, you have taken power strikes. I personally prefer Ascension as it allows me to almost keep 100% uptime on RJW and Shuffle because of the extra energy regen. The extra chi also allows more to be pooled to allow for easier purifying of damage.


I also prefer the crit build and the higher uptime on elusive brew and higher dps that it brings.

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