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Set overview of viable cards in numbers

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I wanted to list all cards but I think it would be to much to do as well as to much to read, additionally I wanted an overview of how many cards of a set are good not a rating card by card, so I tried to make it short and decided to split cards in 3 categories. And I should say this is a reflection of my personal view on the cards but mostly it's related to how often and successful cards were used in serious constructed decks. Of course I could have dug for someones more accurate and already existing calculations but I wanted to do it myself and bringing in my own perspective even though it might be not totally accurate :)

Top Tier: Cards which are seen in many top decks or are even an auto include.
Playable: Includes cards which range from "used in specific good decks" to "used in lesser but still being played decks".
Rubbish: Cards which never saw serious play or just for fun or used by new players who have nothing else.
(Percentage numbers are rounded)

  Un'Goro KFT
Top Tier 22 (16%) 16 (12%)
Playable 51 (38%) 31 (23%)
Rubbish 62 (46%) 88 (65%)

Dust values (disenchanting/crafting): (edit: removed, calculation mistakes)

Do you agree or do you think I'm far away from the truth just painting a bad picture?And right now I don't want to complain about the amount of packs you need to buy or the disappointments when pulling the bad cards, but that the low number of good cards lead to few decks being viable and a boring monotone meta. How can I blame the majority of the player using just one to three different decks when the cards available don't offer more competitive decks? In an ideal, balanced world we would say we have nine classes and each should have 2 or 3 viable decks, ok ok that's too much to ask for :D,  but 2 or 3 in total (maybe a bit exaggerated) is really bad and the devs should be embarrassed.I don't think the low number of Top Tier cards is that bad because good cards usually have competition  from other sets. Still it's not looking good either. What bothers me is the increasing number of totally bad cards (ofc they have to include bad cards as well but it's getting too much) especially among the epic and legendary cards. The number of playable cards is pretty sad as well.

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#1: Added dust values, #2:removed dust value table

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I think that you should do the same work for Whisper of the Old God; and that you should split generic cards from class ones, and split again for rarities.

Yes, it's a lot of work :) but it would be nice to see the resoult... Because one things that matters (and that matters a lot) is not the average "number" of good and bad cards, but the average "dust" of good and bad cards.

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Maybe I will add other sets but no promises atm ;)

3 hours ago, Synesthesy said:

Because one things that matters (and that matters a lot) is not the average "number" of good and bad cards, but the average "dust" of good and bad cards.

I think it's a reasonable request and I added a table in my fist post.

But: You are wrong. :) As I said this is not about how many good/bad cards do I pull out of packs. And not about "how much dust, time, gold or money do I need for the cards I want?". Of course dust matters for everyone to get the cards they want but let me make it simple:

If you would give every player a million dust, every player could get the cards they want. But if the cards available are not able to create more than a handful of viable decks it wouldn't matter how much dust you have or if have all cards. Players would still play only the few mighty decks. It's all about variety or better said, about quality vs. quantity (the quantity of cards is high, the quantity of different decks is low) this leads to less variety aka. boring-monotone-meta.

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