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MM Hunter Mastery

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Hi, I would like some help and advice on my current MM hunter.I cant seem to understand the difference of having more Crit or Mastery.I have read Azor's guide countless times and his advice would be to focus on whichever stat is strongest for my gears.So i have pumped my mastery to 31% whilst my Crit has fallen to 29%(was 36%).

So is it worth getting that much Mastery?

this is my stat weights from Raidbot.




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Hello :) 

Well, it depends on your set items really, form ToS... People say you still have to run with the 2nd set bonus. Because it gives you that extra crit, so you can stack more mastery. If you do not have the set bonus from ToS I might be better running with more crit then Mastery. 


On my hunter, I've been really lucky, I've gotten 2 set piece in 945 and 955.. so IM REALLY happy I can keep that crit buff for some time. I have my crit at 30% and mastery on 39%. Without the ToS 2nd set bonus I might go for 32-36% crit and then stack mastery after (while i keep my haste between 18-22% and keeping my versatility above 5%) 

- That's what I'm doing right now, talked to one of my guildies from mythic raiding who plays MM, he says it a bit too early to tell yet since beast master I rolling right now... but crit stacking might be the new build for MM hunters. 

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Thanx a lot for the advice.Really appreciate the help.Since im widout the 2 set piece from ToS i will try to stack on Crit to try it out.Been quite confuse on the Mastery and Crit difference.

Will try to get the 2 piece from ToS to see how much dps i can pump up.Im currently doing around 1mil to 1.1 mil in Mythic+.So wud really like to see that number fly.

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Hehe, you very welcome.

Remember, every boss has its own best class. A fire mage might be best on a certain boss and MM hunter on third... warrior on 4th. Every boss is different from movement to range/melee. 

Good luck out there, if you have any question please do ask them here or via OM. Have a great hunt and see you on Azeroth. 


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