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Paladin - Antorus Assistance

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Hoping to get a pin / sticky on this to keep basic questions answered for the raid.  If you have any Class and Spec specific tips, here's the place.  Let's help everybody in one place if we can.  
*This guide for Protection was written with Saruan's ResolveSaruan's Resolve equipped and Cavalier/Knight Templar spec'd in, so if you do not have it, you may need to lean more heavily on Hand of the ProtectorHand of the Protector vs a Cavalier/Templar build.  
*Macro Divine Steed and Shield of the Righteous together for a +/-60% damage reduction on a 20sec cooldown!  


P - Divine SteedDivine Steed charges help getting back to the boss after Fel BombardmentFel Bombardment to tank swap
P - Damage output is relatively low - You're likely safe with a Seraphim build for the cannon destruction

 * Aggramar's Stride is nice running from Fel Bombardment if you have them, and want to save a Steed charge, since damage isn't otherwise high.  


P - Save Eye of Tyr for higher stacks of the dot, same with Ardent Defender, especially during combinations of Corrupting Maw and other abilities like the shadow orb or molten streaks
P - A Divine Shield / Cancelaura macro is useful if Melee cannot get to you for a Fear circle, just dont forget to taunt the boss back!  


P - Save cooldowns for 2+ stacks of Exploit Weakness

P - Eye of Tyr for the imps 

P - Divine Steed/Templar for movement to/from portals and for mitigating any damage from escaping the growing shadow zones on the floor // Current tactic of pulling Hasabel to the other side of the platform immediately after she casts TRANSPORT PORTAL in particular, that way ranged and melee can stay on the spawned imps, and she will cast the void zone on the opposite side



P - Seraphim and First Avenger 
P - Spec into Consecrated GroundConsecrated Ground for the slow on Adds, and use spells like Hammer of JusticeHammer of Justice and Hand of HindranceHand of Hindrance liberally, on otherwise uncontrolled adds


P - Divine Steed/Knight Templar works about perfectly, speed moving across the bridge, damage reduction for raid-wide damage, and more charges for both, along with Divine Shield.  

P - Seraphim should be acceptable, just watch last phase where the stacks do not drop from Shock Lance



P - Divine Steed/Knight Templar for soaking big hits from Forging StrikeForging Strike, as well as movement to/from the adds and bomb soaks

P - Divine Shield through multiple Diabolic BombDiabolic Bomb soaks 

P - Seraphim should be a good build for this fight, as the boss hits hard, but only for a short time and it is nothing your standard toolkit cannot handle.  DPS on the adds is MUCH more important.  



P - Divine Steed/Shield of the Righteous macro'd together will help mitigate damage from Shadow StrikeShadow Strike, and cover some of your 7 unhealable seconds after the tank swap as will other CD's/immunities/etc



All - Blessing of Freedom clears the Flash Freeze  /  slows from Dima (Thanks, Ulzorn) 

P - Steed damage reduction comes in handy picking up the other (previously immune) boss if she comes out across the area and there's AOE going on from the tormented Titans //  Alternatively, bubble through the damage area and clear bubble off before the taunt wears off



P - Eye of Tyr or Ardent Defender for 4-5+ stacks of Taeshalach's ReachTaeshalach's Reach

P - Steed to pick up the big Fire adds ASAP, since the little ones are not tankable

P - Eye of Tyr or Ardent Defender for the Taeshalach TechniqueTaeshalach Technique, especially its dual hits (group, then solo)



P - Keep a Steed charge ready to get to the Soulbomb DetonationSoulbomb Detonation on other teammates
P - Divine Steed for quick acquisition of a distant Constellar Designate who gets the Sword/becomes tankable
P - Stagger your CD's for the final phase as the stacks of Scythe go higher.  


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