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Affliction help

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I changed from a Demonolgy warlock to Affliction a month or so back because I was tired of my first spec.  My main is a Shadow Priest so I liked the similar playstyle they shared.


First thing I am struggling with is AOE damage.  I usually SS and seed of corruption then use fireballs from the sky (yeah the spell name eluded me when I wrote this).  In longer multi mob encounters I dot everyone up and Im good to go but in small group quick kill packs my DPS is laughable.


Second is shortlife mobs.  Seems to me that by the time i get any kind of opener in the mob is dead and my DPS is way on the bottom end.  Not sure how to explain my technique just looking for some help.


Does anyone have an "ah ha" moment where they reliazed they were doing something totaly wrong and changing it helped DPS?


As a background on me.  I do read the builds from this site and others.  I have a pretty good understanding of the rotations they explain but I sometimes find help in forums more constructive.  I use a reforge add-on so i believe that my gear is setup as needed.  I use Affdots and find that to be a big help.  My gear is 526.  I am truely confused why my Shadow Priest DPS is usually top 5 on my raid encounters and i have to work my ass off to get top 5 with my lock.


Thanks in advance......

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Affliction's weakness, compared to Destruction and Demonology, is its AoE.  "Fireballs from the Sky" is your code for Rain of Fire, which you should ABSOLUTELY AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE as Affliction.  If you're insistent on AoE, just apply DoTs and Soul Swap them to as many as possible after the initial Agony stack gets to 10. 


If a mob isn't going to be alive for 20-30 seconds, Aff sucks badly.  You need to get comfortable with Destruction for short life mobs.

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