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What about Shaman Resto Best in Slot?

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I would like to know best is slot what? :P 

BiS Legendaries and Antorus set bonus overview:

BiS gear (Go to the link, find the little tap "BiS" or scroll down to you find it, optimize BiS and you can see what is recommended):


- I hope this helps. Feel free to reply to this thread or via PM, if you have further questions. 

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hey man, it's for a friend, he wants to know (like other classes has) which are the best choices, like 2 pieces from ToS and 4 from Antorus, which ones are better....these kind of things

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Very well... I'm on the case.

Set bonus:

So ToS 2piece is nothing to say worth for, its okay but Antorus gear would fast out scale it. Tho the 4piece is rather good, but still the chance of getting 4 pieces really good is low, so I would not advise going for it.

Tho for the Antorus 2piece you could say worth. The 2piece is really good and has a lot of burst healing. The 4piece is good, but again nothing too good, I would recommend taking the 4piece if you can. 


Aman'Thul's Vision IconAman'Thul's Vision is of course in the top, then Eonar's Compassion IconEonar's Compassion.  Carafe of Searing Light IconCarafe of Searing Light and Highfather's Machination IconHighfather's Machination are both really good for resto shamans in Antorus and from ToS The Deceiver's Grand Design Icon The Deceiver's Grand Design and Sea Star of the Depthmother Icon Sea Star of the Depthmother are still very capable, tho considered in high ilvl. 


Top 3 life and frost relics.


1. Increases the critical strike chance of Chain Heal by 5%. (See more)

2. Increases healing done by Healing Wave and Healing Surge by 10%. (see more)

3. Increases healing done by Riptide by 3%. (see more)

You can combo them however you want, tho it is recommended wearing two of the BiS, Increases the critical strike chance of Chain Heal by 5%.


1. Increases healing done by Riptide by 3%. (See more)

2. Your direct heal criticals reduce the cast time of your next heal by 5%. (see more)

3. Increases the critical strike chance of Chain Heal by 5%. (see more)


Roots of Shaladrassil Icon Roots of Shaladrassil still considered the best.

Velen's Future Sight Icon Velen's Future Sight Really good AoE healing and very strong in Antorus.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Icon Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Really good and can help a lot on progressing hard bosses. 


You can read more about gear, legendaries, set bonuses and trinkets here: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/restoration-shaman-pve-healing-gear-legendaries-best-in-slot


- I hope this helps. If you have more question either about resto shaman or my answer you can submit it here on this thread or via PM. Good luck and let the elements be by your side. Happy Christmas. 

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On 6/12/2017 at 6:23 PM, Pawah said:

Lots of thanks dude!!!!! Really nice job :)

You very much welcome, should there be anything you can always reply to this thread or message me via PM.

Keep in mind some of this might change over the rest of the exp. but I'm pretty sure you can find it here on Icy Veins or you are ofc welcome to message me.

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On 12/5/2017 at 8:56 AM, Pawah said:

I'd like to know when we will see Best in Slot for Resto Shaman.

BiS is going to vary depending on the style of healing your friend is going for, as well as what they are playing with. There's no ultimate list, but the stats being so close to each other brings different builds. Haste build looks to snipe heal but needs a Paladin/Druid in group for Inn/BoW, Crit-Haste is balanced output with short cast time, Crit-Vers is general output build with slow cast time, needs better prediction, and Mastery build is for catch-up healing.

Pick what build you want to play, gear for that. Outside of trinkets/tier pieces, item level is pretty much always king. This 

For BiS, I'd recommend running the Splashy spreadsheet. It'll give you your "best" weights: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JvWec-jQBZ5XLqvJ8TKnYHRdKclPg0xU1VCk7O05xSQ/edit#gid=0

Make sure to follow the instructions and don't edit anything it doesn't tell you to. It will also tell you when to swap from T20 to T21, depending on item level difference and if 2-piece > 4-piece, etc. Will depend heavily on which stat build you go for, the spreadsheet should point you in the right direction though.

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