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553 Affliction Help

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At the time of this kill I was 551, and was not reforged to the haste hit caps because it was just a quick finish off after our HC progression for the week so I couldn't be bothered to go reforge.


(I also had the LMG which isn't currently on my new helmet)


Basically wondering where/if I went wrong, I personally feel the numbers are to low and am not sure if haste breakpoints would yield a major increase (I normally would reforge like I said just curious if this is whats causing low numbers). From what I understand my DoT uptime is fairly decent but there is slight room for improvement, my haunt a little bit below what is desired but reading the WoL I got 30 Shadow Trance procs and only used 4 of those for SB:SS (Two in the opener). 





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The only real stand-out thing here to me is your Malefic Grasp uptime, which is sitting around 28%. Your Haunt uptime is pretty normal, actually. I tend to sit around 55-60% on most fights. However, Malefic Grasp uptime should be closer to 50-55%. (Yes, even on Thok. Juking OP)


Here's my log from this week's kill of Thok, 25H. 




As you can see, My Malefic Grasp is near 50% uptime, but my Haunt uptime is pretty abysmal. Overall your logs look pretty good, just make sure you arent refreshing your dots TOO much.

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Thanks for the reply, will work on getting that MG uptime higher, only played Affliction a couple of times on Thok.

But to answer my initial question, is the haste breakpoints the cause for the in my eyes low dps?

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