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Hey guys,

I've come back to the game recently and was hoping to get a breakdown of the tools I should use to maximize my DPS in raids. My guild is focused mainly on heroic content, and probably won't go into mythic, but I still want to perform the best I can. I switched to sub from outlaw and unfortunately don't have shoulders yet, the best I've got is soul and cloak. My understanding is that soul won't be ideal until I have 4pc T21 and 2pc T20 so I know I'm not going to be as good as possible quite yet.

I used to use Shadowcraft to make changes and choose gear, but I've heard that site might not be up to date anymore. I've never done any kind of sims so I don't really know where to start. Any suggestions or a breakdown of what you use would be super helpful.

I'm also not quite sure how to best use cloak stacks and FoK. Should I be waiting for stacks instead of spamming? Should I include FoK into single target rotation at all?

I do have Greenskins but my outlaw relics are pretty far behind my sub ones at this point, so I'm not sure it'd be an increase to switch specs. I also don't know if outlaw will be competitive even with the 4% increase, especially without having T21 set bonuses yet. I will experiment a bit once I can get the weapons up to 75 and maybe improve the relics a bit.

Lastly, is there a place to discuss best strategies for specific bosses for maximizing dps? I'd love to get more specific advice on Antorus bosses if it's available.

Thanks for reading, and here's my armory link for good measure:

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I'll do my best, but I'm sure @Carrn will have more to offer!

  • Simming has changed a fair amount recently. With the introduction of RaidBots, it's become incredibly easy to self-sim for stats, legendaries, everything. You just need a crucible addon (something like SimC addon works fine) to grab your crucible information to put into RaidBots. You can then use it to find everything you need. It's basically SimC, made easier. It's a really solid replacement.
  • You can use FoK freely, assuming there is no need to pool stacks. For example, using a 4-stack FoK on Eonar 2-adds isn't ideal if you're guaranteed a 25-stack FoK on the next add pull. Just make sure you aren't wasting them and are maximising the number of adds hit with it. I'd rather used a 10-stack FoK on 10 mobs than a 30-stack on 2 mobs, for example. Also, don't sit at max stacks for no reason. You should make sure you're not wasting them.
  • Outlaw, as always, relies entirely on your ability to pray to the RNG gods and roll well. Sub is somewhat more consistent.

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