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Destruction and GoSac/GoSup

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I have read and checked the guides, looked at some high end warlock Armories, and have seend different things:


What situations or item levels do you guys typically choose GoSac/GoSup?


The SoO boss guides Zagam provides usually see GoSup used for normal modes (unless changed recently). But have seen locks have GoSac as destruction, but they also have a higher ilvl than I do. I only run normals but I like to be an overachiever, so any insight would be helpful.


My Armory if needed.



Feel free to critique gems/reforges.


Thanks in advance!

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GoSac if you have KTT or on fights with lots of pet movement

GoSup in other situations or on fights where you specifically need a pet ability


This has been the case since 5.3 ever since Blizz nerfed GoSac to be slightly worse than GoSup in patchwerk situations (with the exception of the KTT case of course)

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GoSac wins out over Supremacy for Destruction on most cases barely, but this effect is amplified by KTT.  GoSac also wins out on fights where lots of cleaving done via SB/CB occurs. 

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