Figured a way to get more shards from chests.

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For those in dire need of shards like me, I thought I would share my reasoning. It's rather simple, you have to keep grinding heroes with legendary skins more often.

A legendary skin duplicate gets converted into 400 shards, right? Well, this is the most shards you can possibly get from a chest. So, if you keep grinding heroes with legendary skins, at levels 10, 15, 20 and so on, you'll increase the probability of earning legendary skins for that hero, and if you already have those skins they'll get converted into 400 shards.

Furthermore, you have to grind heroes with FEW legendary skins, so that the probability of getting legendary skin duplicates (which is what you want) is higher. For example, Abathur only has 3 legendary skins right now. If you keep grinding him, when you get Abathur chests (at level 10 and every 5 levels after that) there's a bigger chance of getting a legendary duplicate, from his chests. Needless to say, get an amount of gold so you can be prepared to do chest rerolls when necessary.

Alternatively, you can grind heroes with legendary skins which you already possess. For example, Diablo has a buttload of legendary skins (9, no less) but if you somehow managed to have a big amount of them already, you might as well just keep grinding him.

If you combine the two, you should get an even bigger probability of legendary duplicates. So, again going back to Abathur, if you already managed to get all of his 3 legendary skins, just keep grinding him for a big chance of getting his legendaries AGAIN, for them to be converted into more shards.

Well I think the whole idea makes sense now right?

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Hmm, I like it.

Imma put it into test, when i get home :) 

Thank you.

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