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Havoc DPS Question

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Hello. I know all the DPS questions must be getting annoying by now, but I have yet another. I'm relatively new to the game (~2 or 3 weeks). I've started on Antarus and geared up quickly to about iLevel 949, but don't really have any set pieces. I ran a sim and can do about 1.3 million on single target but always end up falling way short of that. Any tips to help me improve? My AP level is still 73, I don't have the legendary headpiece, and no T20 set pieces, though I have the 2x bonus for T21 now. I want to know if my low damage is because I need to still get better gear, or if there's more I could be doing.


I'm still working on my logs, unfortunately I wiped a lot in progression, but there was one battle that wasn't too bad in comparison.

For reference:

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/sargeras/illinoisy (my character with latest gear)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/pKkdgBwG2QzFLfNh#fight=3&type=damage-done (Illinoisy on the list)

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  • Missed 2 casts of Fury of the Illidari - 1 is fine, but your huge delays mean you missed another completely.
  • Missed 1 cast of Nemesis - there's a 2 minute gap where you just don't cast it at all.
  • If you didn't delay Meta for so long, you could have had another cast in there.

Rest of the bosses are very similar issues, with bad cooldown management. You miss out casts of multiple cooldowns, with usage dropping as low as 33%. Your gear also contributes to the problem, of course, you are missing shoulders/head which is a big loss. I wouldn't recommend running Demonic with no helm legendary and no T21 4-piece. Use the standard build instead with Chaos Blades.

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