Frost Mage Tier 20 Set Question

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Roughly how much ilvl loss would you say makes the 4 set bonus for Arcane Tempest NOT worth it?  I finally found it (new to raiding) but I lose 10-30 ilvls PER PIECE if I wear it vs my higher ilvl gear from M+ dungeons and other sources. Assume average stats and I'm able to get the CC shatter cap either way. What are your thoughts?

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I think you should, keep the 2set bonus as long as you possibly can. to about 40+ level per piece.

Maybe 4set T21 and 2set T20 could be strong, but also 4set T20 and 2set T21 is damn good. But the item level falls low pretty fast. so 30+ it's worth changing with good stats ofc. 

If you link your Amory I can give you a better shot, with comparing it to your stats and trinkets.

Hope I help a bit, you can reply here or via PM if you have a question or the armory. 

-Merry Christmas


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