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Soul Ring with Arms?

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I'm curious if the T21 4pc would allow a viable run with Ayala's and Soul and the 110 Talent would be Anger Management. 

It seems it would require a tighter management of rage/rotation outside the BC window, but with WW and MS knocking 1.5 sec and 1 sec off per cast (respectively), you'd likely be seeing BC every 40-45 seconds and then a massive rage reduction within the window.

Now, I assume it works like any other rage reduction situation. WW will still proc tactician and reduce the BC cooldown as if it was spending 30 rage even if it's only costing 8 rage during the BC window. So you get even more cooldown reduction within the actual window. 

With the Deadly Calm ring, you can keep In For The Kill, boosting your Haste to get more auto swings in for Rage generation. I know you're giving up Archavon's, but I feel like the rage saved during burst would more than make up for the 8 rage per MS. And the T21 gloves are the best itemized tier piece outside of the chest for Arms, which would give us a lot more flexibility in our other gear pieces to boost our secondary stats more ideally. 

It seems like it could provide some interesting situations. You'd be looking at 7 or 8 burst windows inside a 5 minute fight. With FoB, increased critical damage and flat damage after a MS with the 2 and 4pc bonuses, WW will be hitting like a truck. I can't even imagine what the trauma ticks would be after spamming WW during a BC window.

Is this viable, or am I missing something with this potential set-up?

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I think you're essentially trying to add to a build that already functions very well, but you're not really adding damage to it. Running IFK + Ayala + X with CoF and Ravager/OS already does very well. The bonus from having additional windows with AM isn't going to be worth it unless you have extremely long fights where you have multiple additional windows of burst. I just don't think AM belongs in this tier at all. CoF already brings enough windows of burst that in order to get enough to properly impact your DPS, you'll need like a 20 minute fight on the ones where CoF actually performs well (Argus, for example).

Also, the Soul in comparison to Archavon/KJ/Storm, even Najentus on Eonar, is just a massive loss. 

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