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i'm stuggling with my Sub - i do not know why - but there is 200k DPS missing nearly every fight (compared to raidbots)

I don't know if it is the rotation or if im just using wrong spells...

Can someone take a look into my logs and tell me what the hell im doing wrong:


-> bad fight


-> better fight

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Few points:

  • Do not Nightblade during SD. Refresh it before using if you need to, delaying your burst slightly.
  • You're not using your Engine trinket properly - you missed 2 orbs, meaning 6 seconds of extra buff uptime on the better fight log.
  • You messed up your last vanish. You didn't use it with the DFA combo.
  • On your bad log, use Scepter with SD. It didn't benefit from DS.

Hope this helps a bit.

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